Salon Design


When a customer wants to visit a hair salon, they not only consider the quality of the service but also the design of the salon. For this reason, it is crucial to decorate your salon with appealing furniture and equipment. The decoration process goes from barber chairs to beautiful looking plants. Here are some salon design tips and ideas for you to decorate your dream salon. 

What Theme Inspires You the Most?

To be able to pick a centralized theme for your hair salon is essential. Although it can be frustrating what theme to decide on if you think about what style gives you inspiration, the decoration process might become easier. The color scheme is also important as you will need to stick to a certain color scheme to match everything together from the entryway to styling stations. Centralized themes in hair salons give a cohesive feeling. Your hair salon design represents you as a hairdresser and will help you in building strong client relationships. 

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Lighting

Great windows will bring sunlight into your salon, as natural light is one of the best light sources. But not every hair salon space is the same and if you don’t have the blessings of great windows, there are other options to consider. Choosing warm bulbs over cool ones will create a cozy atmosphere in the salon. But the primary goal of the lighting is to make the client feel beautiful.  So you can keep in mind to prevent overshadowing in places where clients look in the mirror by installing lamps. There are different options to pick the best light source for your hair salon such as mirror lights, standing lights, and overhead lighting. If you can’t decide, you can combine these different light sources.

Invest in High-quality Furniture

Barber essentials are a lot to consider from clippers to backwash units, but the important thing is to find quality equipment that will take a licking and keep on ticking. High quality furniture made with quality materials can be pricey but it won’t let you down for long periods. You can make use of them for a lot of time. Furniture in a hair salon can be hard to protect from damages like stains from hair treatments. That is why high quality vinyl is a good choice as it is easy to clean and keep up with. Fabrics and leather are more prone to wear out. But high-priced furniture doesn’t always mean it is the best one in the market. You can find high quality furniture with mid-priced options. You should also consider the size of your salon before starting the decoration process. If you have a small studio, you should pick suitable decors and furniture that won’t overwhelm the clients.

What Are Different Design Styles

Most of the hair salons prefer deluxe styles as they will give clients the feeling of royalty. You should equip your salon with rich colors, fabrics, and textures with gold, rose gold, or silver details. Big crystal chandeliers would also be a nice touch. If a deluxe style is too much for your liking, you can consider minimalist styles. You should simple lines and shapes and only the bare minimum of furniture as less is more. It will give the idea of being neat and professional to your clients. There are many other different styles such as vintage, modern, classic, or industrial. You can equip your salon with any of these styles but first should consider your vision for your brand.