Small Barber Salon

Small Salon Solutions

Clients care about both the professional service in a hair salon and the ambiance. Not every hair salon has a creative free space which might frustrate some hairdressers. Don’t give up hope on your hair salon as there are solutions for small salons. Barber essentials are a lot, but with a good storage place, you can still have enough space to decorate freely. Your hair salon might be small but it still should be appealing and eye-catching. The atmosphere of your salon can help in building strong client relationships. Here are some small salon solutions that might unlock a small salon’s potential.

Reflection is Your Biggest Helper

Decorative mirrors provide an illusion of a bigger space. Angling the mirrors especially to face the windows will make your clients feel they are in a much more spacious place.  While reflection creates a roomy feeling, your clients can also watch themselves during treatments which is much better than looking at a wall during long periods. 

Make Your Decor an Advantage

Before starting the decorating process, you should understand the idea of preventing your salon from looking smaller. When deciding on barber furniture, you should keep in mind the size of your salon. Big styling units that come in a variety of dual, and triple models might make the space overwhelmingly crowded. You can avoid this problem by choosing single stations. Tall furniture could also be a disadvantage as it can show how small a salon is. Wall art with depth like an ocean or a garden portrait can create a roomy feeling. 

Don’t Keep What You Don’t Use

Items that you rarely use or do not even use can take up the last free space you might have. You should make yourself ready to get rid of those items. Even if you don’t feel ready, you can always keep them in a storage unit. Storage cabinets are great for small salons, they can be stuffed with objects on the inside but will show nothing to the outside once you close the cabinet door. You can still keep your salon neat while storing unnecessary items. Shelves are also a great way to display your products without taking up space on the floor. You can just mount them to the wall and place a few plants on them besides just treatment products. Plants will give the feeling of a warm, homey place.

You Can Always Consult To a Professional

An interior designer can show you the best solutions and ideas on how to make your hair salon feel and look spacious. You even might think of making big changes like reconstructing the walls or changing the windows. But big changes like these might affect your budget. You should create a budget before getting the help of a professional. If your windows are small, changing to bigger windows will make your salon more airy and roomy. You can also consult a contractor for built-in shelves. This will help you to make use of the vertical space. Don’t underestimate your small salon’s potential. You just need to find ways to make it look bigger by creating illusions.