Hair Extension


Every woman has different hair textures and hair types. Some desire long, healthy hair and this might be hard to achieve especially if you have a slow growing hair type. Some prefer hair treatments as they can help to heal the damaged hair bonds which will ultimately lead to longer hair. If you ever ask yourself why your hair doesn’t grow quickly, you might find answers and solutions to your problem.

Why Your Hair Doesn’t Grow Quickly?

Human hair grows 16 cm in a year, but if you don’t see any change in your hair length, then your hair was broken from the ends even though it grows from the roots. Hence, basically, your hair length stayed the same length. If we look at the reasons why your hair is constantly getting broken from the ends, we can say:

  • Too Many Processes
  • Exposing your hair to bleaching treatments can create big damage to the hair. Especially colors like super blondes are the colors that tire the hair the most.  Applying high heat during processes like hair straightening, curling or blow drying can wear out your hair. Unhealthy-looking hair shows itself quite clearly, as it will look dull, brittle, and frizzy. Chemical dyes, constantly exposing to high heat will tire the hair and cause hair breaks which will slow your hair growth. You can consider keratin treatments to cut down on the time being spent on hair styling with heat. And they can also help to heal the damage done to the hair.

  • Don’t Wash Your Hair Frequently
  • Your hair will let you know when is hair-washing time. Washing your hair more than it needs causes dry and damaged hair. Your hair consists of natural oils, and by washing it every day you deprive your hair of these natural oils which are essential for healthy hair. 

  • Comb Your Hair The Right Way
  • Combing your hair too much and too harshly will lead to damage and broken hair bonds. You are distorting your hair’s natural strength by combing it too harshly. The right way to comb your hair is to slowly start from the ends of the hair. This step is important especially if you have thick or curly hair as they tend to tangle and knot a lot more than fine hairs. Start from the ends and slowly work your way through the roots of your hair. 

    How to Achieve Long Hair

    You can find the solution to reunite with long hairs by hair extension methods. Hair extensions are the perfect helper to get that added length and volume you want. There are different types of hair extensions like real human hair extensions or synthetic ones. But most prefer extensions that are made out of real human hair as you can’t apply heat to synthetic ones. The application options differ from each other as Clip-ins, Sew-ins, Tape-ins, Glue-ins, or Halo extensions. Halo extensions are the least invasive to your hair roots since it isn’t secured to any hair strands. It is easier to do at home and has less weight. It can last up to a year with a good treatment while other types of hair extensions lasts for about two months. You shouldn’t forget that hair extensions need care just like your real hair. You will need to show the same care like combing the extension the right way or washing them gently.