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Permanent Hair Colour

Some like their natural hair colour while some want to explore the different shades and tones of hair colours. Permanent hair colour comes as a solution for those who like a different shade of hair colour on themselves. Any type of hair colouring procedure besides semi-permanent hair colours, whether it is bleaching, lightening, or hair dyeing, can damage the hair when applied wrong. That is why permanent hair colour applications should be done by a professional or you can do it yourself after thorough research. 

What is Permanent Hair Colour?

Permanent hair colour interacts with the natural pigment of your hair. It changes its natural structure of it and gives a permanent colour. Ammonia in the hair dyes penetrates the hair cuticle. But the real magic starts when it is combined with hydrogen peroxide, this combination creates oxidation which is a chemical reaction. Permanent hair colour molecules are set in the hair fiber with this reaction.  And in the end, your hair changes to the colour you dyed your hair with. Permanent hair colour can withstand multiple washes, that is why it is called permanent. But your hair will continue to grow as usual with its natural colour from the roots. Depending on the hair growth rate you won’t need to retouch your roots for 4 to 6 weeks.  There are some myths about permanent hair colours, the first one is that it will damage your hair. Permanent hair colour contains chemicals and pigments that remove the colour from your strands. But the chemicals have to be stronger for the colour to be durable for many washes. There is a specific process time for permanent hair colour, if you are box dyeing your hair you should follow the instructions written on the box. But to get the best, healthy results, you can consider consulting a professional. Hairstylists can dye hair with permanent hair colour and still create beautiful, shiny hair.

How to Choose The Best Permanent Hair Colour

The first step should be understanding what you expect from a permanent hair colour treatment. The question you can ask yourself is how you want to colour your hair. If you want to lighten your hair in this process, you should know that there will be a prior service which is bleaching. Bleaching is very prone to hair damage, which is why there are also things you need to know like the after treatment for bleached hairs. If you want to darken your hair, you should when is the right time to colour your hair. If your hair is a light colour that was exposed to hair dye, you should give your hair some time to regain its natural strength. Re-colouring the hair after one another can tire your hair and can result in great damage. Or if none of the above is what you want, some can want to enhance the natural colour of their hair. Some hair colours whether it is dyed or natural can be prone to fading which creates dullness. Soft babylights or going one or two shades lighter with a permanent hair colour can bring movement to your natural hair. Permanent hair colours are also great for covering grey hairs. You can completely cover them with permanent hair colour and they will withstand multiple washes. If you think your hair is looking too flat, you can consider getting highlights. It is a great way to add depth and dimension to these types of hair. Lowlights in red, copper or a blend of gold and copper can work beautifully for dark toned hair colours. To be able to have the best experience with permanent hair colours, you should know what you exactly want. Permanent hair colours will embed in your hair strands which means it will be staying there for a long time. For this reason, getting a colour that won’t suit you or you might not like can be heartbreaking.

What to Look For When Choosing Permanent Hair Colour

To find the best permanent hair colour shade for yourself is to find your skin’s undertone. All skin colours can be cold, warm, or neutral. So one can’t figure this out by just looking at someone’s skin colour. The misconception that people commonly have is that light skin colours usually have cool undertones and dark complexioned people usually have warm undertones. But there are the right ways to understand your skin’s undertone. 

The first one is to examine your skin. Under natural light or a in well lit room, you can try to look for gold-yellow or pink-blue tones. If you have yellow hues you might have a warm undertone and a pinkish hue means you probably have a cool undertone. But if you can’t see anything, this might mean you are neutral. This method can be hard as the lighting in the room is very important.

The other method is to check your wrists. This method is more common than the first one, as it will give better solutions. When you take a closer look at the veins in your wrists, if you see blue or purple coloured veins, this means you are cool undertoned and if your veins look green, then you are warm undertoned. If you can’t decide which color is dominant, this means you are neutral undertoned. 

There is another method which is wearing jewelry. To do this method, you need silver and gold jewelry. Put those against your skin, if your gold jewelry suits your skin better your skin color is warm undertoned. If silver jewelry looks better, you are cold undertoned. But if you look equally good in both of these pieces of jewelry, you are neutral undertoned.

The last method is to examine your eyes. Understanding your undertone might be harder with this method but, If your iris has blue and green specs in your eyes, your undertone is cool, more brown or gold specks means your undertone is warm.

Best Permanent Hair Colour Shades For Different Skin Tones

If you are cool-toned, you need to find a warm-toned shade of permanent hair colour. If you are neutral, you can choose any colour because both cool-toned and warm-toned shades will look great on you. With this logic, warm skin tones can prefer cool blonde permanent hair colours such as champagne blonde, bronde, and strawberry blonde. Cool skin tones can go for warm blonde colours like golden blonde, honey blonde, caramel, and honey blonde. 

If you are looking for brown shades of permanent hair colour: warm skin tones can choose cool brown tones such as ash brown, chocolate brown, espresso, and cool dark brown. And warm colours like mahogany, chestnut, butterscotch brown, and light golden brown are the best for cool skin tones. The logic is to choose a shade that will neutralize your undertone.