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Barber chairs are one of the main pieces of furniture in a barber shop. Clients and barbers spend their most of time with barber chairs. For this reason, they are an essential item to provide a good service to the client. High-quality services will bring more clients to the salon and this will eventually lead to creating a strong client relationship. ... Features to look for in a barber chair Many features are crucial in choosing the best chair for barber shop. But the most important feature to consider while making the decision should be the quality of the barber chair. A high quality barber shop chair might affect your budget but it will benefit you in the long run. Barber chairs made from high quality materials won’t break down or ear out quickly, which means you can use them for a long time. You can invest in materials like hardwood which is one of the best quality materials for furniture. The barber chair should be comfortable for clients as they will spend a lot of time sitting on it during their treatments. Clients should be a barber’s top priority, making them comfortable before and during their treatment is a sign of professional service. Good services will always bring clients back for new treatments and they will eventually become your typical customers. The atmosphere in your salon is important, and for this reason, you should pick the barber chair in a style that fits your salon. This way your barber shop will look more harmonious and eye-catching for new clients. Your salon’s decoration will represent you and your brand in a client’s eyes. That is why your barber chair should match the style of the rest of the salon. The image of your brand is crucial to building the type of clientele you visualize. The best quality Barber chair models The quality of a barber chair can be understood by examining its materials and special features. Barber shop chair models that have comfortable seating are preferred more by barbers as clients don’t want to sit on an uncomfortable chair for hours. Every client’s physical features are different, for this reason, one of the essential features a chair model should have is the ability to be adjusted. This way, barbers can adjust the chair according to the client’s height. The headrest should be soft as it will be more comfortable for clients while getting their hair cut. The foot support of the seat should also be strong and balanced for a good experience. Both clients and barbers need the ultimate flexibility during treatment. Barbers need a convenient space to work on their craft. That is why adjustable chairs are considered to be the best salon barber chair. What to Look for When Buying Barber Chair There are many qualities to look for before buying a barber chair. One of the things to consider is the barber and client comfort. Your clients should feel like sitting on a comfortable throne like a king. Some hair treatments and procedures take a long time, and clients spend this time on a barber chair. For this reason, it is crucial to give them the comfort they deserve. This way your clients can leave your salon with that good feeling of getting quality service. You also shouldn’t forget that your clients can be in all sizes, hence you should consider picking a chair that can fit all sizes. The durability of a barber chair is essential both for your budget and service. If you invest in high quality barber chairs you can make use of them for a long period. For the metal portions of the chair for barber shop, you can prefer chrome and cast aluminum which are very durable materials. High quality vinyl is much more durable for a barber chair instead of fabrics and leather. Fabrics and leather materials will ear out quicker and show the age of the chair. Barber chairs come in a variety of colors and styles hence you can find the best one for your salon’s color scheme. If you are thinking of decorating your shop with vintage style furniture, you can also find a vintage barber chair that will suit the vintage atmosphere in your shop. No one will want to see their equipment getting obsolete. For this reason, you need to consider getting a barber chair that you can keep up with its cleaning. If you prefer high quality vinyl, you can easily clean it with its vinyl cleaner. But of course, it is very hard to keep the furniture out of stains in a hair salon. But to overcome this problem, you can consider color options that will blend with a bleach stain. There are also chair covers designed for this specific problem. The cost of a barber chair will change from high to low depending on the quality. The materials it is made with effect the most when it comes to price. Hence, before searching for a barber chair you can create your budget realistically and stick to it throughout the search process. But you should consider barber chairs as one of the most used equipment, investing a little more into a barber chair will pay off in the long run. Most good quality barber chairs have a warranty. If you can’t find a warranty, you might need to be cautious as it can be a sign of low quality materials. A short lifespan of a barber chair will take up from your budget and it will affect you economically. A hydraulic barber chair often has more than a year warranty while other quality chairs can be backed by at least a year warranty. How to choose the right barber chair for your salon Choosing the right barber chair starts with finding the style of your barber shop. You should consider your barber shop’s general aesthetic whether it is a sport, vintage, modern, or traditional. If you have a specific color scheme you stick to while decorating your salon, you should also make your barber chair fit those colors too. Your shop’s overall design has a big power on your clients’ experience. Not only your professionalism with your service but the professional atmosphere of your shop will have an effect on bringing in more clients. But the best way to decide what to choose for a barber chair is to ask yourself some questions first. You should envision who are your typical customers, how busy is your shop, and what kind of services you provide to clients. Your answers to these basic questions include the qualities of what kind of barber chair you should get. Guide to choosing a barber chair for your salon There are many qualities to look for when choosing a barber chair, but the five main things go like this: • Functionality of the barber chair Barber chairs are designed to be functional, this way barbers can provide the best service they can to their clients. The size of the barber chair should be comfortable for every client. It should also include features like height adjustment, soft headrests, and strong foot support. • Durability The barber chair should be made with durable materials such as high quality vinyl. You should avoid fabrics and leather as they are hard to keep up with and age quickly. A barber chair is used the most, which is why durability is essential. You can invest in high quality barber chairs to cut down on replacing expenses in the future. • The Style The style of your shop in general is important when choosing a suitable barber chair. Your shop’s aesthetic should be harmonic with matching furniture and equipment. There are many color options available for barber chairs, you can pick the one you like the most. Whether your barber shop’s aesthetic is modern, classic, or even vintage, you can find the most suitable barber chair as there are a variety of options. • Budget High priced equipment doesn’t always mean it is the best option out there. You can find good mid-priced options. But the quality of your equipment shows your quality as a hairdresser, hence you can consider investing a little bit more into a high quality barber chair will benefit you in the long run. You can use it for a long period which will help you cut down on the money you might need to spend to change the bad quality equipment. FAQ What should I look for in a barber chair? You should consider the style, function and price of the barber chair you want to pick. How much weight can a barber chair support? 450 lbs to 500 lbs is a safe range for barber chairs. Is a barber chair hydraulic? Hydraulic barber chairs are widely used in barber shops. The hydraulics allow barber chairs to adjust the height. How does a barber chair work? They usually have adjustable height. They can rotate or lean backwards for hairwashing or shaving purposes. .