Backwash Units

Providing excellent service to clients is every salon owner’s priority. A good-quality service starts with comfortable equipment such as salon backwash units. A comfortable experience is a solution to creating loyal customers who will come repeatedly to your salon. You might have the best service amongst other salons but if your salon styling units or backwash units are not good quality, it might affect the overall service. Here are the 8 best backwash units that will suit your salon in the best way:

RS Prime:

RS Prime backwash unit creates a new standard for the hair washing experience. You can give your clients a luxurious, comfortable experience while shampooing their hair. It creates a balance between comfort and easy use. It gives the free space of movement for a hairdresser to provide the best service they can. It offers two different front cover colors such as white and black. It has upgraded options that give hairdressers the chance to select what is best for their budget and salon. Adjustable Shower Head can be switched between shower mode and low-splash foaming mode. You upgrade your RS Prime with a floor footrest and booster seat cushion for extra comfiness. The basin design is lower than the front, making it the ideal design for more effective shampooing and massaging. The basin can be adjusted for the client’s height. 

RS Primo:

Your client will find the deserved comfort with RS Primo. It offers 4 different seat colors: Black, white, ivory, and dark brown. You can tilt the basin to give the perfect comfort spot to your clients. Thanks to its different color options in the pedestal area, you can customize it to suit your salon’s style.

Yume Espoir ESL:

Upgrade the quality of your service with YUME Espoir ESL. The spa-style design will be your favorite equipment in the salon. The folding leg-rest area will make your clients feel like they are in a luxurious hotel spa. It comes in 8 different color ranges, which makes it easier to find the fitting color for your salon’s color scheme. Double gel-filled neck cushions with gel-filled head pillows are what make this backwash unit so comfortable.

RS Axis:

RS Axis’s unique lumbar support is what your clients deserve. You can adjust the seating for different clients. Its color range consists of white, black, ivory, mocha brown, and brown. Its chic design will create a classy atmosphere in your salon.

RS Elite:

It is beauty couch form will bring elegance to any salon. Gel-filled neck cushion gives the ultimate comfort to clients during shampooing. This full-length chair allows clients to rest comfortably.

RS Adria II:

Its design is the evolution of a comfortable styling chair. 15 different color options make it possible to fit in every salon. Upholstered padded armrests give a comfortable sitting position to customers.


Head and neck cushions prevent neck strain. It maintains the optimal positions for long treatments. The shampoo treatments will turn into dream-like experiences with Yume backwash chairs.

Yume Dx:

The shampoo treatments can turn into a full treatment thanks to Yume Dx’s innovative design. It can rotate 90º, allowing the hairdressers to complete the treatments in the same chair. It can fit in every salon no matter what the style is with 8 different color options. You can make your clients feel like VIPs with this sleek backwash chair model.