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Impala Blue Serum helps against hair loss and maintains healthy hair growth. Keratin treatments play a key role in smoothing the hair and healing the damaged hair fibers. This hair growth serum’s special formulation is rich in essential nutrients and contains active ingredients which is 100% skin-friendly. The hair absorbs the serum quickly and the keratin in it strengthens the hair. Your hair will grow much healthier, and thick. It will moisturize your scalp and helps to heal your hair follicles. You don’t need to worry about itchy, red scalp problems anymore. Sometimes after hair bleach procedures, the scalp can get red and cause problems. This serum will help you to overcome those problems and will give you a smooth hair texture back. How to use: Apply Impala Blue Serum to clean hair. After washing your hair, apply 2-3 drops directly to your hair. You don’t need to rinse. Depending on the condition of your hair and scalp, you can apply 1 or 3 times a week.

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